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Conflicts of interest and sources of income can introduce biases into the interpretation and communication of research findings. We strongly believe that such potential sources of bias need to be made public. All past and current conflicts of interest of Dr. Kratz and other employees or contractors of Nourished by Science are published below, along with our conflict of interest policy, and sources of income of Nourished by Science LLC.


Disclosures of past conflicts of interest

During his time in academia, Dr. Kratz has received funding for research and other payments from industry interests. Specifically, as a PhD student (1997-2002), he conducted a randomized controlled trial that was partly funded by a grant from German plant oil manufacturers to his mentor. He also received funding from the European Union for work related to olive oil. Between 2013 and 2019, Dr. Kratz has also received reimbursements for travel, honoraria for speaking engagements, and a large research grant from dairy-related organizations, including the Dairy Research Institute, Dairy Management Inc., the Global Dairy Platform, and Dairy Farmers of Canada. He has no other conflicts of interest.


Conflict of Interest Policy

To minimize any potential or perceived conflict of interest, Dr. Kratz and other employees or contractors of Nourished by Science will

  • not engage in brand sponsorships with companies in the food, supplement, or pharmaceutical industries;
  • not engage in affiliate marketing of foods, supplements, or nutritional products;
  • not consult for the nutritional, supplement, or pharmaceutical industry; and
  • not accept honoraria, payments, or reimbursements from businesses in, or interests related to, the food, supplement, or pharmaceutical industries.

This policy applies to all business activities of Nourished by Science LLC, including but not limited to this website, the Nourished by Science YouTube channel, and our activities on social media.


Sources of Income

As of March 11, 2022, Nourished by Science LLC generates income from scientific consulting services Dr. Kratz provides for National Institutes of Health-funded academic research projects, an activity that is independent of the operation of this website and the associated YouTube channel. Dr. Kratz may also receive payments for services rendered from other non-profit organizations (i.e., Red Pen Reviews) in the future.

Future sources of income that may be generated from this website and associated YouTube channel include advertisement revenue (i.e., from YouTube), paid newsletters, membership sites, revenue from online courses and programs, and donations. We will not engage in any relationship with, or accept payment from, interests related to the food, supplement, or pharmaceutical industry.

Changes to this policy will be made public here. 

Last updated: March 11, 2022