By Mario Kratz, PhD

So, what motivated me to start this web site? My primary objective is to provide depth and clarity on the question of how diet affects our health. 

As you are undoubtedly aware, there is an incredible amount of interest in nutrition. And we should be incredibly interested in this, as the individual suffering, public health burden and health care costs of nutrition-related diseases are tremendous. At the same time, there is a lot of confusion about what constitutes a healthy diet. Should I eat dairy? And if so, low-fat or full-fat? What about eggs, or red meat? How much fat vs. carbs should I eat? Is there anything I can do to prevent autoimmune disease, or maybe even reverse it if I already have one?

I do not claim to have conclusive answers for all of these questions, simply because the field has in many cases not generated the types of data we would need to really know the answers. What I will try my best to do, however, is to provide clarity on where the field stands. I will outline clearly what is known, what is not known, and what some of the theories, hypotheses, and research opportunities are.

I will write about a variety of topics that I am interested in and that will – hopefully – be useful to you. These will include:

The fact that you found your way to this site suggests that we share a common passion for nutrition and health. More than ever do I believe that nutrition is one of the pillars of health, and I am hoping to convince you that in spite of all the problems in this field, there is a lot of reason to feel optimistic about the potential of a proper diet to prevent – and potentially treat – many chronic diseases. I invite you to share your thoughts on any of the content of the site, or share with me specific experiences with food or diets that seem pertinent. Also, please feel encouraged to contact me if you’d like to see a specific book, paper, or topic covered. My hope is that an active, inclusive, and respectful discussion around the topics of nutrition and health will develop, such that everyone will benefit from it. Thank you very much for being interested in being a part of this community.