Do Carbs Cause Insulin Resistance?

Do Carbs Cause Insulin Resistance?

A common claim on social media and in several nutrition books is that eating a high-carb diet causes insulin resistance. In this blog post, we review whether this claim is supported by scientific evidence.

Are Blood Sugar Spikes Normal in Healthy People?

Blood sugar spike on glucometer

This blog post explores the question of whether regular blood sugar spikes exceeding 200 mg/dL in people with otherwise normal glucose tolerance are a sign of early glucose intolerance not captured by standardized clinical testing, or whether such spikes are the normal result of eating highly glycemic foods even in the healthiest people.

How To Use a Continuous Glucose Monitor to Your Benefit

Continuous glucose monitor

Continuous glucose monitors, or CGMs, have become a very popular tool, both for people with diabetes and those who want to optimize their health. In this blog post, we are providing guidance on how best to use a CGM to maximize its health benefit.

Regulation of Blood Sugar

More than 1 billion people are affected by diabetes mellitus worldwide, and that number is estimated to increase by another 50% in the next few decades. In this blog post, we are discussing how our bodies regulate blood sugar levels, what goes wrong in this process when we develop diabetes, and how diabetes is clinically diagnosed.